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About the Cookie Law


What is it?

EU privacy regulations state that websites must make it clear to visitors what information is being stored. This specifically includes cookies.

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First time here?

If you're new to this you'll want to know the top 3 things you need to do. Does your site use cookies? Which ones? What do you need to do now?

Cookie Law Checklist


Plugin Features



Fully responsive cookie bar: a full width DIV element, centre-aligned.

Cookie Table

An easy to use way of recording and displaying the cookies you use on your website.


Plugin Pricing

The leading WordPress Cookie Law plugin just got even better... Packed with new features, new templates, custom CSS overrides, enhanced performance and with advanced business rules so you can configure exactly when and where the cookie bar is shown, the PRO version is ideal when you need something highly customised to your user experience.

The original 'free' version is still here and will always be updated and supported. But if you want more features, the PRO version is for you.