If the header doesn’t show, it is nearly always your theme.

Step 1: diagnose the error

  • Check that the banner is actually supposed to be showing in the first place!
    • On the list of plugins, is the plugin activated?
    • Are you an admin user? If you aren’t, you won’t see Cookie Law Info.
    • In the plugin settings, can you see that the banner is switched on?
    • If all else fails, can you see the folder “cookie-law-info” in the plugins folder via FTP?
  • 90% of the time it’s a theme error:
    • Go to your homepage
    • Right click / view source
    • Search for “cookie-law-info.css” – if you can’t find this then you are missing wp_head() and must to fix that
    • Search for “cli_show_cookiebar” – if you can’t find this, then you are missing wp_footer() and must fix that
  • Most other errors are because you forgot to refresh your server side cache
    • Using WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, Cloudflare or does your host (e.g. MediaTemple) provide server-side caching? Refresh that.
  • Still an error?
    • Open your JavaScript console (in Google Chrome, open Developer Tools / Console)
    • If you are a developer, you will immediately see what the issue is. If not, note them down.
    • The error is probably still your theme:
      • Are there hard coded scripts? (themes are sometimes guilty of this)
      • How many times have you declared jQuery? (this is also VERY common)


Step 2: fix the error

  • This step doesn’t really require too much explanation…

Otherwise try:

  • De-activate the plugin then re-activate it
  • Uninstall the plugin then re-install it (N.B. uninstalling will delete your settings)
  • If all else fails then please report a bug on the support forum – so far most bugs have been fixed within a day

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