If you have entered your Privacy and Cookies Policy URL but click on it and get a 404 error, you probably have an issue with your permalinks. Follow these steps to fix it:

  1. In the WordPress dashboard, go to Settings / Permalinks – don’t change anything, just click “save”
  2. In the WordPress dashboard, open the cookie policy page that you with to link to
  3. Click “view post” and copy the URL of the cookie policy page
  4. Do you get a 404 error?
    • If the answer is yes: the issue is not the plugin, the issue is that the page you created cannot be found (do you really have the correct URL?) – stop and fix the URL issue first
    • If the answer is no: continue to step 5
  5. Go to Cookie Law Info settings and enter the URL into the “read more URL” setting and save
  6. Refresh any server-side cache you have e.g. WP Total Cache, Super Cache, Cloudflare, etc
  7. Test it again: it should now work

If you still have an issue please post a support topic in the wordpress.org forum – remember to post the URL to your Privacy and Cookie Policy, I won’t be able to help you unless you tell me that.

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