If you are a developer you can use the debug code routines that are included. Note this is NOT RECOMMENDED unless you are a developer. In all cases you will have to switch off debug mode once done!

Debug mode must be manually switched on (and importantly- then back off again!). In cookie-law-info.php switch

 define ( 'CLI_PLUGIN_DEVELOPMENT_MODE', false ); 


 define ( 'CLI_PLUGIN_DEVELOPMENT_MODE', true ); 

Then on your website change your URL to be: “http://change-this-to-your-URL.com/?cli-debug=all”. There are options to debug the HTML (cli-debug=html), JSON (cli-debug=json) or both (cli-debug=all).

You can now pick through the settings to see if the code is being output correctly from the plugin.

To switch off debug mode, make sure you have CLI_PLUGIN_DEVELOPMENT_MODE in false:

 define ( 'CLI_PLUGIN_DEVELOPMENT_MODE', false ); 

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