No, and neither does any other WordPress plugin.

Be aware that despite what you may believe, it is not currently technically possible to automatically block all cookies on your WordPress website without first updating every single plugin that use cookies in some way. Even if you did this once, as soon as you made even ONE update to a plugin, theme or the WordPress core, you would need to check this again and make all those changes over again. That would require a lot of very manual effort which would be custom to each and every website, so is beyond the scope of any single plugin.

A more realistic approach for WordPress website owners is to use what is called “implied consent”. This should be a clear message in a prominent place on your website e.g. the header or footer, and should explain that your website uses cookies and provide a link to read more about that. This plugin can be used to highlight your compliance status and use of cookies in exactly this way.

A future version of Cookie Law Info might block some cookies, but for the time being (May 2015) we believe that it’s a false sense of security to offer this feature, as any plugin might be setting cookies without you knowing.

Beware plugins that say they block cookies- none of the plugins tested so far, even the ones that provide “blocking code” can actually live up to that claim!

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